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It was 1947 that Jose María Eguía was given, in Córdoba, the representation of a firm specialized in Trademarks and Patents of Buenos Aires. He shared the Córdoba Customer Service with his 18-years-old son Jorge Raul Eguía father (second generation).
In 1990, the family third generation was incorporated to the company along with Engineer Jorge Raul Eguía Terradas who, in 1999, continued under the trademark ETERRA, a name that arose from joining their last names Eguía TERRAdas.  The internationalization of our services began strongly in 2012 from Argentina to the American Continent and then globally.
We are proud and grateful for receiving our clients and colleagues trust all these years. We have already provided services all around the world for over 60 years to more than 8000 clients in more than 200 countries. ETERRA has got modern offices, technological support and highly-qualified professionals which results from years of work and continuous growth.

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Founder and CEO